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  • Gandhanra Tibetan Tingsha Bell with Beautiful Case For Sound Healing,Yoga,Meditation,Mindfulness – Tingsham Cymals…

    This Tingsha cymbal bell set is made from copper alloy includes blend of 7 metals in the Himalayan region of Nepal by Tibetan artisans.Engraved with Auspicious Symbols.
    This tingsha is exquisitely handmade, with pure, clear and resonant sound.Tapping the two chimes together will make a lovely sound lasting about 15 seconds to 60 seconds. The tone can be soft or loud depending the force you use.
    If you use the tingsha cymbals in mental awareness activities, sound therapy, Yoga meditation practices, or just daily lives, one tap is enough for everyone to listen, calm down, and clear their mind with the soothing sound.