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    THE MOST SINCERE GIFT: No matter in East and West, Seven has always been a meaningful number, it represents a kind of complete perfection. So we make this seven-color gift set, not only for the good-looking, but also hope to bring everyone the energy of Seven Blessings to everyone, I hope that those who get him will always be complete and fulfilled in their life.
    PURIFY YOUR TOXIC NEGATIVE ENERGY – Get rid of the attachments, toxins and gunk that slow your energy flow with the 5 piece Crystals and Healing Stones Wand Set. Feel peaceful, happy and full of life!
    REACH YOUR GOALS – Intention setting is easy with this wand set. Program your wand by holding it and focusing you intention on what you want. Place the wand in sight as a reminder to the subconscious to work on your goal.