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  • 100% Authentic 2-3Kg Natural White Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp Premium and Fine Quality by Sourcediy®(with Dimmer )

    ✔✔TO ENSURE THE BEST QUALITY ALWAYS BUY FROM SourceDIY – ① UNIQUE SALT LAMP made from Natural Himalayan White salt crystals carefully hand mined from the Himalayan Mountains. ② OUR NATURAL Salt Lamp rough finished, just like how it came out of the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. ③Each lamp is individually handcrafted, and no two lamps can be same.
    ✔✔Natural phenomena between air, heat, light and salt make them air purifier by emitting negative ions into the air, provides the ioniser effect and leads to light therapy to reduce stress and increase energy. ★★Himalayan salt lamps are an ancient gift from mother nature for a better and healthy living.
    ✔✔Our Himalayan Salt Lamp Colour range starts from beautiful light White and all the way through White to deep red. SourceDIY Himalayan natural salt products are carefully selected, and hand carved by the premium craftsmen of Pakistan. Each lamp is a masterpiece.

  • 140 Pieces Incense Sticks 7 Various Scents Incense Burner with 1 Sandalwood Incense Holder for Halloween Party and…

    Incense sticks set: come with 7 variety incense with 1 wooden incense holder, 20 sticks each of rose sandalwood, cherry, agarwood, lemon grass, amber, wormwood, violet/rosemary , 140 sticks and 7 random incense in total
    Features: containing quality natural ingredients, including essential oils, herbs and wood gums; Each scent incense comes in individual gift package, can be applied for yoga, meditation, soothing, prayer and romance, also including a sandalwood incense holder
    Convenient package: hand blended and rolled according to ancient traditions, made from natural essential oil and well packaging; Individually wrapped packets for easy to sand as gifts to friends who practice yoga or meditation or incense lovers

  • 2X 3.5″ White Mini Californian Antibacterial Sage Smudge with Polished Coconut Bowl (15cm) – Sage from Juniper Ridge, Premium Quality

    GET RID OF UNWANTED GERMS – Natural Antibacterial
    HANDCRAFTED POLISHED COCONUT BOWL – The perfect companion for Sage Smudging, our Coconut Bowls are hand-crafted in Vietnam and has endless uses. Each bowl is completely unique, one in a billion just like you!
    THE AMAZING BENEFITS OF WHITE SAGE – Renowned for it’s ability to purify, protect and elevate your space, opening up the mind to forgiveness, compromise and stress release.

  • 3 Pack Lotus Brass Incense Holder Lotus Stick Incense Burner Cone Incense Burner Holder for Home Fragrance Accessories

    Good wishes: lotus means a pure spirit and a better life in oriental culture, its 3-layer lotus aesthetic design makes it look more classical and elegant, will bring meditation and aid-sleeping effects
    Fine workmanship: the lotus incense holder is made of brass, solid and durable, quality material and well made, come with simple and classic color matching; Size: approx. 8.5 cm/ 3.4 inch in diameter and 1.3 cm/ 0.52 inch in height
    Widely applicable: the 6-hole brass lotus holder can hold a variety of different size incense, what is more, the incense holder is detachable, you can remove the small part and it can be applied as an aroma stove and applied with stick, cone incense or aromatherapy burner

  • 30 Mins Backflow Incense Cones, 16 Pcs Gift Box Package 30 Minutes Long Burning Time Extra Large Natural Cypress wood…

    [ Backflow ] — These Backflow Incense Cones need to be used in conjunction with a Backflow Incense Burner to achieve the best results.With a small hole on its bottom, the smoke will goes down which looks like waterfall.
    [ 30 Mins Long Burning Time ] — Each incense cone can burner about 25~30 minutes.No need to change the cones frequently like the normal size ones.
    [ Relaxing Effect ] — Made from natural fragrant wood powder and natural plant oils,which helps to release pressure and relax your nerves.

  • 6 x Boxes of Stamford Black Incense Sticks – 1 of each – Fairys Mist, Witches Curse, Demons Lust, Angels Touch, Dragons…

    Burning time: 20 -30 minutes per stick (approx)
    Length of each stick: 23 cm (approx)
    Sticks per pack: 15

  • Acogedor Crystal Opalite Pocket Guardian Angel Gifts and Decor – Healing Energy Crystal Gemstone Carved Angel Figurine…

    Guardian angel figurine is made of high quality opal, representing peace and pure
    Crystal healing stone involve a method of energy balancing for the purpose of pain management, stress reduction and relaxation etc.
    About 1.5 inch tall, right size to hold at your hand or to keep in your pocket

  • Afterglobe Rose Sage Smudge Sticks and Selenite wand for Cleansing Aura and Negative Energy – Invite Loving Energy With…

    CLEANSE NEGATIVE ENERGY: Easily cleanse your home and decor with the ancient practice of smudging. Take a deep breath and feel stress instantly melt away. This Smudge Stick is wrapped in dried red rose petals for an added layer of love energising aura
    LONG LASTING 6″ BEAUTIFUL SAGE SMUDGE : This White Sage Stick has been hand wrapped and is chunky to enable slow burning, with the deepest, most heavenly aroma! Enjoy the magic! Also included in this Smudge kit is a 5.5″ Selenite wand, renowned for its abilities to neutralise bad energy and bring calmness
    A PERFECT GIFT: This Burning Sage makes the perfect house warming gift for friends and loved ones. Full Instructions on how to smudge included. Hand packed in the UK with love and care. FULL INSTRUCTIONS ARE INCLUDED – NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

  • Afterglobe Sage Smudge Kit – White Sage Smudge Sticks, Palo Santo, Large Scallop Shell, Smudging Feather, Chakra Wand…

    CLEANSE NEGATIVE ENERGY WITH THIS SMUDGE KIT: 2x 4” Sage Sticks, 2, Palo Santo Stick, 1x Large Abalone Shell, 1x Smudging Feather, 1x Himalayan Salt. Easily cleanse your home or office space with the ancient practice of smudging. Take a deep breath and feel stress instantly melt away. Lift your spirits and clear your mind easily.
    PERFECT FOR NEWBIES OR EXPERIENCED USERS: Our premium sage is the classic herb for deep energy cleansing. The Palo Santo is naturally sourced from Peru and has a deep, intriguing scent. Sustainably sourced with deep respect for the Earth and plants, and with the deepest, most heavenly aroma! Enjoy the magic!
    BEAUTIFUL SHELL, INCENSE AND FEATHER: This Smudge kit contains everything you need for multiple smudging rituals, we even include full instructions with some sample smudge chants. The Abalone shell is used to hold your lit smudge stick as it is a natural smudging bowl, the feather is for concentrating the smoke into different areas and the pink Himalayan salt will cleanse the air of an area and withdraw any negative energy.

  • Aituo 1.6″Angel Amethyst carved healing crystals pocket guardian Reiki Statue

    Size: 35mm X22mm X12mm (1.4 inch),Weight: 11g
    Gorgeous Hand Carved Amethyst Pocket Angel ,Angels have Reiki healing benefits and properties that aid wellbeing and can be combined with with healing stones jewelry,It is believed to support the stabilizing of mood swings, purification of the blood and kidneys,keep it in places where peace and serenity are needed including in your pocket
    Mini Figurine – Free stands as an Ornament or Lucky Charm. Used in Reiki Energy Healing or Crystal Therapy.

  • ANECO 120 Pieces Backflow Incense Cones with 10 Mixed Natural Scents Rose Jasmine Lily Mint Lavender and More Fragrant…

    Each package contains 120 pieces of backflow incense cones of 10 different natural smells, enough to satisfy your different needs; we also provide a black drawstring bag for you to keep all of the cones
    10 Fragrances: the backflow incense cones have 10 different fragrances, and each kind of them has an unique color, including sandalwood (khaki), rose (rose red), lavender (purple), lily (red), jasmine (yellow), green tea (green), ocean (blue), lemon (orange), mint ( light green), sweet-scented osmanthus
    The backflow incense cones are suitable for less windy places, such as home or office, kitchen, bedroom, yoga room, meditation room; please keep away from winds to prevent smoke from spreading everywhere

  • ANECO 180 Pieces Backflow Incense Cones 10 Mixed Natural Scents Rose Jasmine Lily Mint Lavender and More Kinds of Mixed…

    Quantity: 180 pieces of backflow incense cones in 10 different natural smellings, sufficient quantity and various smellings can meet your different needs; with a black drawstring bag helps to storage them
    Fragrances and colors: 10 different natural smellings in 10 colors, including sandalwood (khaki), rose (rose red), lavender (purple), lily (red), jasmine (yellow), green tea (green), ocean (blue), lemon (orange), mint ( light green), sweet-scented osmanthus (earth color)
    Applicable environment: suitable for less windy places, such as home or office, kitchen, bedroom, yoga room, meditation room, etc., the strong wind may lead to the spread of smoke released, which cannot meet the desired effect; if you feel the smell is heavy, please ventilate to make the fragrance lighter