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  • TOPFUND 10 inch Perfect Pitch D Note Crystal Singing Bowl Sacral Chakra with Singing Bowl Suede Striker

    Topfund frosted crystal singing bowls have a beautiful translucent white surface, because they are produced with the highest quality pure quartz crystals in Topfund factory. That’s totally different from the very white looking crystal sound bowls you can find in the market which made from lower purity poor and cheaper raw materials. Those cheaper materials’ price is only 1/3- 1/5 of ours. Let them stand together, you can see the difference.
    This beautiful crystal singing bowl is tuned perfect pitch D Note Sacral ChakraTopfund offers a wide variety of frosted crystal singing bowls, gemstone fusion crystal singing bowls, clear crystal singing bowls and practitioner bowls, crystal singing pyramids ,quartz tuning forks and various vibration instruments. Crystal bowls are available in sizes from 6 inch in up to 22 inch in diameter, crystal singing pyramids are available in size from 3 inch to 16 inch.
    We have sorted our singing bowls by both crystal bowl size and by the dominant musical note produced by the sound bowl. While larger singing bowls tend to produce notes from deeper octaves, all size categories contain a variety of possible notes and some notes are more common in certain size categories. We are constantly updating our singing bowls and crystal singing pyramids inventory so please subscribe our store to check for note and size availability.